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When I sit down to start work at the easel each day, one of the things I do to center myself is to check email and facebook before I PUT-DOWN-THE-PHONE .

Today the Granary Gallery had a post with this painting shining back at me…Her Smalls72

Her Smalls –

from the painter’s notes…

I believe the origin is British
but that doesn’t matter.
Smalls…it’s just a matter of undergarments.
And the dearness of intimacy.
And the gift of props.
Like the hat box which belonged to John’s grandmother.
The tiny gloves that I wore to the White House.
The delicates which used to live on the shelves in the Muddy Creek General Store.
The leather purse and traveling iron which used to live on the shelf in Jane’s shop.
The coin silver spoon that Ted gave.
The teacup that Sue had to remind me was from her grandmother.
And that whimsical handkerchief of Polly’s which I pulled from the drawer
because of it’s red stripe, and only discovered half way through setting up the still life,
that it’s little girl was, Herself, doing the ironing.

Some of my most favorite paintings come from a single word.
And the gathering round of favorite things.
And the gift of quiet leisure in which to cherish them both.

A nod of thanks to the Granary staff for keeping the work alive and fresh and for all their support…which is no “small” thing.

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