Bucket List

Bucket List

The recent powerful solar flare got me thinking about the aurora borealis and that got me thinking of this painting which is at the Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe. They get some pretty fine skies out there at night…

but those northern most colors are still number one on my list…how about you ?



Bucket List, Available at Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

Bucket List, Available at Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

I love this time of year.
When the fussy parts of the holidays are over,
and the warm cuddly bits of the festivities are still glowing softly…

When the long nights make for even longer shadows
in between which the muses dart and tease
on my frosty walks to and from the studio…

When I actually come close
to the creative hibernation that I seek
and the crazy world without…
is jettisoned for the crazy world within…

When my hands,
which are ever battling the dragons of idleness,
can reach for the always nearby knitting bag,
and find the comfort of the soft woolen winter addiction…

And when the calendar rolls around, again,
and still finds me here, a bit crustier and rustier,
but showing up…with heart wide open…
as I reach back and pick up the thread
of promised resolves.

With renewed determination
I stand, with brushes at the ready,
to weave those choices and colors
into something brave and bold and
gut wrenchingly beautiful…

There, that ought to do it.

Now, I think there’s one more cookie left…
Oh, yeah,

Happy New Year !!!







Exciting news…

Bucket ListI’m thrilled to announce that my paintings will now be exhibited in the Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico… Here’s a link to their website…Click Here

It is fitting therefore that, among the first group of paintings, they will be showing Bucket List. Thanks to gallery owners Michael and Christie Peterson I can now cross one more thing off of my….bucket list !