The List

And so it can be revealed…

The List

The List – Commission for The Hunters on the occasion of their 30th Anniversary

This one was special, for the one who holds the position of being the first, and most enduring, patron. It goes that far back. And it was no surprise that, when Steph, a world class facilitator from elementary school days,  requested a painting to mark this milestone in their lives, she sent me a 38 page…LIST… of the “most” important things about their marriage and decades together.
I confess that it was daunting. Just printing out the tome required a trip to the office store. And the pressure…how to edit and redact and not leave out one sentimental jot. But then, I know these Hunters. And what I know of them, what tops the list, is their complete and uncluttered love for each other and for life.

Paired down to its essence, these elements are all they need to enjoy a day, let alone a lifetime, with each other. The rest is always pure spontaneous gusto.

Congratulations you zesty dear ones…