Fiddly Dee


It’s almost, almost that time of year again…

This morning my favorite mystery writer, Laurie R King had a post on her facebook page about the fiddleheads that she scored at a market in San Francisco and tried for the first time. It reminded me, among other things that I wanted to let readers know that her latest Mary Russell novel,


is a fantastic read. I usually save her novels to listen to when I paint especially complicated paintings because she is similarly in love with detail and I get swept away with her thoughtful prose. Makes the time fly at the easel and I always learn something new.

So run to your local bookstore and add this to that pile by your favorite chair. And then go take a walk in this fine spring air and hunt for fiddleheads. Warning, not all ferns are edible so do the research, or trust your local farmers market.

I am working too hard with the brushes to walk amongst the woods, but I am yours…

Dreaming of Fiddleheads

Fiddlehead Fever

It’s raining…and raining…and yes it’s April and supposed to do that so we can have those wonderful flowers in the studio garden in a couple weeks.

And yes it’s great painting weather.

Anh yes, Zoe is coming to visit today and we’ll have sweet baby toes to tickle soon…

But right about now… I’m craving a plate of Fiddlehead Ferns …