Radishes, Radishes

The first handful of handgrown handpicked garden treasure.
Today I met the early dew and weeded another patch to throw in the next crop of radishes.
After reading this somewhere, I first put a spoonful of jello mix, I believe it was cherry, in my hand and then added the seeds before planting. I know… who knew. Whoever “they” was swears it will add nitrogen and other good stuff and make them even more delectable.

We shall see. In the meantime, this morning’s haul included…well was exclusively…one French Breakfast Radish and one Cherry Bell.

cherry  bell

And the taste test results…Cherry Bell comes out on top.
A tad sweeter which holds the spicy bits longer on the buds.
Plus I love the deeper true red.
They both have a place in my garden and we shall see what the next “Jello” batch yields.

In the meantime, I do have an art-radish related announcement…

Gallery 1261 has a new show opening June 6th… Group X-2
I admit that I am clueless as to the origin or concept for the title, but they are still letting us old farts in on the fun. And, in honor of the current harvest…

french breakfast radish
French Breakfast Radish   Oil on Panel   24″ x 20″

Hope you can find a bunch of these springtime wonders to help welcome your morning…ta for now.