A Meinelt Christmas


I just read a wonderful article by Lindsey Lee, oral history curator on Martha’s Vineyard, who, along with the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, is putting together a show based on Ted and Polly Meinelt and their annual Christmas displays.

Readers here will know how deeply Ted and Polly touched our lives, and we got to see a few of their holiday trimmings in person over the years. This article brings to life their unique creativity and cherished love of art and people and the Vineyard.

Clicking on the picture below, one of Ted’s famous holiday cards, will take you to the article on MVTimes web page.

teds goose

A great big thank you to Lindsey for her dedication to telling Islander stories,
and for putting a smile back in my heart on this, as Ted would call it…

Dull winter day.


The Article

Heather Neill.indd

John O’Hern has kindly sent me a PDF file of his article which can be opened and read by clicking on the highlighted name/link¬† below…

HeatherNeill Click HERE

Here’s to kindness
and the summer solstice
oceans waving
loafers leaning
and winding pathways to the beach

Captain my captain…

the captains 72

How, on this first day of spring,
I would love to be there again…
a step or two behind on the path
just out of earshot,
though I suspect there were few words to overhear,
and light years away from their memories…
but there, at least, to offer a wing, and a grin,
and to listen to these two old crones
telling their tales
to the sea.

Ted and Pete,

Against the odds,
they both weathered this winter
but neither is here today to welcome the spring.

Or, maybe I’m wrong about that.
Think I’ll grab my hat
and my stick
and strut the old pegs
and see what they have left along the trail
to brighten my sad eyes.

Pete Darling
March 19, 2014