Birthday Flowers

5 April 09

A spectacular spring morning …

It’s my birthday and I thought I’d show you the bouquet that the gardens have offered up…

And there’s also a look at the newest addition to the studio garden…

Last week we took great advantage of the gift of Jon’s visit and used his muscles and brawn and creative stonework to help extend the very first bed we planted here. He and my nurse forbade me from lifting …anything…so all you can see of me in these shots is my shadow.

We’re going to take a picnic up to the lake in a bit …and the local ice cream shack opens today…and then some mussels, asparagus and a pinot grigiot to top off the day…

may your day be as bright and full of spring flowers… HN

Spud Detour

19 March 09

So dark this morning…but the clouds are sprinkling the newly planted potatoes and all is right with the world….at least with the garden.

Yesterday I took a detour from the big painting and played outside. Following Richard’s directions we planted our potatoes under a bed of straw and leaves. Herself did all of the heavy lifting and we took our time…but it was wonderfully healing to be out working in the gardens again…and if the sunshine and spring rains don’t make these babies grow…the healthy dose of love and laughter we shared planting them certainly will !

Tomorrow an update on what’s on the easel.

Today…. a rainy day to paint.