Art Opening

Fellow Artists and dear friends Wendy Weldon and James Langlois have a show opening today at the Chilmark Public Library at 3pm,  on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Sending by Wendy Weldon

Berta by James Langlois

I hope all our island friends will stop by to give them a hug of congratulations and support from Pat and Me. The rest of us here on the mainland can view some of the artwork here.

I lift my brushes to them !

Ross by James Langlois

Sketches by Wendy Weldon

Embracing by Wendy Weldon

Nat by James Langlois

Snow Rescue Package…

has arrived !!!

And just in the nick of time…

The winds outside the studio are howling with our third blizzard of the winter. This one is a much more serious storm for our friends to the north and I have yet to hear from the stalwart islanders who are in the path of the gale force winds…but one of them has managed to send along some fortification for our own storm weary selves…

Leave it to Wendy and James to know exactly what would perk up our spirits… Chilmark Chocolates !!!!

For those of you who have never had this treat…there is a little farmhouse in the town of Chilmark on the island of Martha’s Vineyard…and in back of that farmhouse is a little shack…and inside of that shack are a team of chocolatiers who have overcome some of lifes more difficult challenges and have found meaningful work blending and dipping and creating the most delicious candy on the planet.

If you have been there then you are familiar with the crowded dance in the tiny parking lot and the streams of visitors who wait their turn in front of the long case to choose and point and watch as the staff fill tiny dark brown fluted paper cups with the sweet delicacies. I expect that on a snowy february day there is not much of a wait…but the thoughtful effort to procure these boxes and send them south to us in the depths of winter….is nothing short of spectacular.

Pat would not let me show her face in the photo but I can attest to the smile from ear to ear…with a tiny little dab of chocolate at the curl on one side.

A great shout out of thanks to you both.  Brilliant !

Here’s a look at what Wendy is doing when she’s not playing an elf and is in her Vineyard studio…and when James gets a web site up and running I’ll pass along the link to his own amazing artwork…

And though they don’t have a web site…here’s a link to a very old NYTimes article on the startup of Chilmark Chocolates…  Click Here