Well art fans,
we have a few last minute crisis to find work arounds for here in the studio today…
and the trailer is scheduled to roll outta here in less that 40 hours…

SO, the first thing to give is gonna be this high falootin’, wait-for-it, three at a time…roll-out -the- paintings, production thingy.

Framed and wrapped and taking up a LOT of space in the studio now, are all 16 paintings…waiting for the weather to cooperate so they can be loaded into the trailer for the big haul northeast.
You have seen the first six, and here, all together now, are the remaining ones…

Considered for your approval…The Granary Gallery Show 2014

Chambered Linens  –  36 x 24

Chambered Linens


The Road Race  –  20 x 16

The Road Race


The Carriage House  –  18 x 24

The Carriage House


King’s Highway Deep  –  18 x 24

Kings Highway Deep


Looking Back  –  92 x 48

Looking Back


Coast Guard Crow  –  40 x 30

Coat Guard Crow


The Wreck of The Betty  –  36 x 24

The Wreck of The Betty


Squibnocket Sunset  –  36 x 18

Squibnocket Sunset


Laylines  –  46 x 32

Lay Lines


The Watch  –  24 x 16

The Watch



And there ya go…
We will be at the opening on Sunday night July 20th from 5-7pm
at The Granary Gallery in West Tisbury on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Thank you all for viewing and for your continuing support.

It means more than I can ever say.

Yours in a flurry,